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位於炮台山的Aspire Upper Room成立於2019年,是一個提供場所予人溫習、自修及休息。 創辦人希望為人設立一個優質環境,不論是學生,在職人事,自由工作者也無任歡迎,Asipre Upper Room 以空間去接觸人群,繼而祝福社區。 Aspire Upper Room – Founded in 2019, Aspire Upper Room is a sharing space located in Fortress Hill providing a quiet and nice place for study, revision, work, and rest. Founders tend to create a delightful environment for students, working people, and freelancers, and to connect with the people in the community.

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Company NameAspire Upper Room
Phone No.9724 4485


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