Behind every entrepreneurial leader

HoneyComb is a platform tailor-made for all entrepreneurs. We believe that an entrepreneur’s emotion management is just as important as making your business successful. Oftentimes, business leaders gain the trust of potential customers by only showing their positive mindsets and the business’s excellence in terms of achievement to enhance the company’s reputation. Yet they unconsciously put aside their true emotions as they mentally strain themselves without a way to relieve the stress and anxiety properly. Alongside the fact that it is difficult for entrepreneurs to find someone who can really empathise with them, they are always forced to deal with negative emotions on their own.

When everyone thinks you are fine, you will then have to overcome all challenges by yourself.

Our team hopes to develop a platform that mainly focuses on ‘rest’. We hope that entrepreneurs will be able to relax through joining our activities, having a chance to cast aside all mental burdens and share their difficulties with other entrepreneurs.

Crowd strategy

HoneyComb understands that everyone, even entrepreneurs, has their strengths and weaknesses. We therefore encourage companies to collaborate to achieve:
Brand promotion – Local SMEs can raise their brands’ awareness and have access to more business networks and areas of work through joint businesses.
Solve operational challenges – SMEs can leverage the strengths of other members to address their own weaknesses.

We converge different businesses on the same platform such that entrepreneurs can support each other and improve competitiveness 

HoneyComb adopts ‘Active Business Matching Methodology’. Through our understanding of each company member, we match the appropriate companies together. This can improve the matching quality of the companies and increase the opportunities for collaboration.

Prepare both inside and outside

We understand that operating a company requires different skills, but it is impossible to acquire all skills within a short time. Therefore, HoneyComb collaborates with different parties to provide backup services such as business development, operational management and welfare networks for SMEs, so that they will have better equipment to expand their businesses. 


Local business are welcomed to join our Honeycomb community, we wish our members can have a prompt development with the support from each other.

HoneyComb’s members can:

-Entitle our membership services
-Join our various activities
-Enjoy the discount in particular activites
-Enjoy the member benefits

Membership fee of HoneyComb is $450 per month per company, maximum employees of a company is 15 people.

If the number of people in the company exceeds 15, the excess will be charged per head.

Please contact us for details.